Creepy men

In the last week, I’ve had two instances where men – MARRIED, ADULT, OVER 30 – men messaged me in an unnecessarily creepy way. I work with such awesome men and have most of my career that I forget this happens. I also surround myself with amazing men who are some of my closest friends who I pray to god would never say this kind of shit to a woman.

Without further adieu…


I mean WHY. Both of these things really had no need to be creepy. I didn’t say anything weird. The first (in blue) was just about paying dues for a soccer team I play on. It could easily have been “Hey – giving you a discount since you’re still new. Please don’t mention it as the others are paying the normal amount!”. Why turn it into this fucking secret between us?! Unnecessary creep factor. I’m now thinking to myself do I want to even play for this team?

The next text (green) is with a guy at the gym I go to. We have a rapport. I fist bump him as I head into the gym to pump some iron. I’ve never flirted. I never even wear anything inappropriate to the gym unless I rather large cut off is unacceptable. I messaged him asking about any job openings for a friend of mine only FOR HIM TO SAY THAT BACK.

It’s enraging. I haven’t replied to either of them because what on earth?!

Sure – it’s not over the top obnoxious creepy like “Send me a pic of your boobs” or a dick pic but can’t we just have normal conversations?

Also, P.S. I’m very much gay and you both know that.


One Comment

  1. Matt

    As a guy, let me contest that some guys, like me and hopefully most guys, aren’t creepy. But I totally do agree with you, too often people can be creepy.

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