Minimalist Home Fund

As of today, I’ve officially decided to start a minimalist home fund. No sooner than being 15 minutes into the documentary on minimalism, I could barely contain myself from looking up shipping container homes, designers for tiny homes, lessons learned, etc. I have no doubt I want to live this way for the rest of my life. To live in a simple, refined, and purposeful place seriously makes me so excited mainly because my mind immediately goes to alllll of the other awesome things I can do with the saved money, time, space, etc.

I still haven’t bought a bed or any furniture for my new apartment. I cook with one pan, one spatula, one knife, one cutting board, and one glass dish for the oven. For seasoning, I have butter, olive oil, and pepper. I don’t have any glasses yet because my protein shaker bottles have been excellent at pulling double duty. I don’t even think about what I don’t have although I keep reading recipes that make me think I’ll need to actually buy a pot at some point. Sigh. I’m seriously dreading having to buy anything else but I know a couch at least will be necessary if I want other Humans to visit 😉


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  1. Well you certainly already live in a minimalist way so that’s a fit. Definitely check out Pinterest for some awesome photos of shipping container houses too!

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