My setup for testing the latest & greatest for Full Site Editing

Pardon the interruption from my usual ramblings… I have a work related post! As part of my efforts with the Full Site Editing outreach group, I’ve been refining my particular setup out of excitement around future testing. This week, I was chatting with a new WordPress contributor when they asked for more information about my particular current setup. After recording a quick video, I realized this might be helpful for others so thought I’d document what I have in place with a short video. Three quick notes:

Here are the links I referenced in the video to help you get started:

If you choose to start taking full site editing for a spin, I welcome you to join the #fse-outreach-experiment slack channel in the slack (sign up here). The program isn’t underway just yet but contributors around the world are working hard to make it happen and feedback is always welcome.


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