with my soul - I’m dismayed by many my age in the US and their reactions to COVID-19. It was part of the impetus to fully leave my last social media hold out (instagram) in July. Over the last few weeks, I’ve begun to think about how this might impact my friendships with others who continue, despite soaring cases, […]
fraction of the joy - I just had to share these photos with you in case they give you even a fraction of the joy they gave me.
Choosing longing - Today I was tidying up apartment in Salt Lake City marveling at this life I have when it struck me both that I’ve felt this way before and that the longing I have for other places never fully goes away no matter how great my current location is. I still think of the sunsets in […]
My setup for testing the latest & greatest for Full Site Editing - Pardon the interruption from my usual ramblings… I have a work related post! As part of my efforts with the Full Site Editing outreach group, I’ve been refining my particular setup out of excitement around future testing. This week, I was chatting with a new WordPress contributor when they asked for more information about my […]
things that won’t change after today - This is more of a brain dump than usual as I am struggling to gather my thoughts today. Forgive the spelling mistakes, the incomplete sentences, the jarring jumps to new thoughts, and quick ending. I keep thinking of all the things that won’t change after today. How much I love my friends. How coffee is […]
Sharing more favorite questions - Can you still call them favorite questions when there are more than 10? Whatever–I’ll let the judges decide. In any case, I come bearing even more questions as a follow up to my previous post. If these don’t keep you busy enough sorting through your soul, check out the prior list for good measure: If […]
Hypnotic days - The seasons are changing despite everything feeling the same. It’s a relief to live in a place right now where I can feel the passing of time compared to the hypnotic days of 70 degrees and sunny in San Diego.
the long arc - I met up with a friend locally this week—we skateboarded at a distance, swapped stories, and tried not to fall off our newly purchased boards. I was shocked at both how quickly it was to get back into the groove of being around another human and how, at times, utterly mundane it felt. After months […]
call to gratitude - I threw away a pair of contacts today. It always pains me to do so yet I find a way to laugh at myself every time. I feel like I owe each pair of contacts I’ve used some sort of ritual to honor them for giving me the gift of sight. Should I say a […]
Sharing some favorite “intense” questions - Being isolated has done strange things to my social abilities. I’ve had a resurgence of random speech impediment issues since I’m not using my voice as much. My hard fought ability for small talk has been drastically weakened and I can only think of really intense questions to ask others. On the phone over the […]