In perspective - While out on a hike today, I repeatedly lost the path I was supposed to be on causing me to create my own a few times. I’d scramble up a hillside to get a view from above before spotting a lake knowing a path must be nearby. In return, this made finding any path exhilarating […]
My little feet - I wonder at my little feet and where they are able to take me.
Automattic: 6 year anniversary - Around 6 years ago, I flew from San Francisco into Salt Lake City for my first Automattic Grand Meetup, the name for our company wide retreat. I think we were around 230 people then which felt massive coming off of working at a startup for a few months with less than 20 employees. I landed […]
Emotional consent update - It’s been over a year since I originally wrote about consent & emotional intimacy and I’m relieved to say that in that time I’ve had ample practice bringing this concept into my conversations with strangers and loved ones alike. To quote Past Anne: What’s the right way to go about this? How do we build […]
Blurring days - I just finished writing a set of “photo” postcards to various people in my life — a childhood camp counselor turned friend, a current coworker, a former rugby teammate, a childhood friend, two toddler age cousins. I print out recent photos I’ve taken and scribble short notes on the back before shipping them off. In […]
Conversation menus - 6 months ago I bought this pack of “conversation menus”. As a lover of deep conversation and intentionally connecting, this was such a fun thing to get my hands on. Cut to early April, I started running biweekly “Queerantine” chats with a random gathering of LGBTQ+ friends in my life who I wanted to know each […]
raise a toast - After traveling so much, I found in pre-pandemic times that I could lull myself into an extremely zen-like state as I boarded long flights. I rarely tried to read a book, catch up on work, or make that time “worth it”. Instead, once I got through the stress of security and knew I had plenty […]
human wish - I went on a long, arduous 15 mile hike yesterday. As I was heading back, I paused to really take in my surroundings. When I’m fatigued and have a long way back, I’ll sometimes just put my head down and forget to take in the nature I’m trying to escape to. The moment I did, […]
conversational shorthand - I’m pinning down words today. I write a half formed sentence and get up to walk around my apartment. At one point, I lie fully on the ground headphones on jamming to music. As the next sentence comes to me, I leap back to my chair. I have three drafts of very different blog posts […]