spill - “In this world of numbness and information overload, the ability to feel, my boy, is a rare gift indeed.” ― Patrick Ness I return to this quote again and again in my life. At times, I am envious of those who can bottle up how they feel and store it away likely never to bring it […]
Free baby, 12 cents - [Mom says she is a surrogate baby.] At first I thought I was adopted, when I was 2 I thought, “I don’t look like either of them”. I really feel like I might have been adopted because I’m the only one in the 2nd grade who’s a surrogate baby. [O: she is baffled by the […]
out of thin air - How tied are you to your username? By username, I mean any username on any platform. Would you change it? I have a very silly and short poll if you are willing: I have a friend who changes her instagram username constantly (or so it seems like it). When everyone else sticks to their username […]
Solid career questions to ask team members - Here’s a quick and boring post about career questions. As a lead at Automattic, I think a lot about the career development of my team members. As a lover of questions, I’ve found the following ones to be exceptionally useful and I’ll add a little bit about why below each: What does job satisfaction mean to […]
Things you shouldn’t know how to do - They should make things like nachos and cookie dough harder to make. I’ll never forget the day I realized just how EASY it was to make cookie dough. When my parents would go out of town, I’d quickly make it and eat it raw. It’s a danger to the world to have these things be […]
overlapping realities - I went to walk by the beach and watch the sunset tonight. I normally wear headphones majority of the time partially not to be talked to and partially because it helps get me in a deeper state of thought. As the sun got ready for her evening show, I settled on a quiet spot along […]
Permanently compromised - The last few days I’ve looked around my sparse apartment and have been contemplating in my head what exactly I can throw away. Just a few moments ago I was walking around throwing small items in the trash until I’d come across something related to taxes or my lease or an old computer that I […]
Ghost ships - I’ve referenced this Dear Sugar column twice now in the last 24 hours which is likely a sign I need to blog about it. Namely, this part: “If I could go back in time I’d make the same choice in a snap. And yet, there remains my sister life. All the other things I could […]
Google-able - I was heading home the other night when I found my exit was closed for construction. “No big deal, I’ll just take the next one and loop back.” The next exit was closed. This pushed me into another freeway that I eventually had to loop back on only to find the same exits were closed […]
You could be pretty if you tried - I’ve been trying to write this post for two years. It hits something deep, pervasive, and almost too overwhelming to try to write down so I start and stop in fits of anger and sadness. “You could be pretty if you tried” The above quote is something that was said to me when I was […]