So you want to talk about FSE? Part III Inspired by two prior posts I wrote, So you want to talk about Full Site Editing? and So you want to talk about FSE? 5.9 Edition, I wanted to offer a non-release specific update as I have found myself sharing the same resources repeatedly. As before, I recommend checking out the prior posts as I try as […]
Help me meet another surrogate kid I’ve never met another person born via surrogacy. That’s not entirely true–I did meet a baby at a surrogacy conference in San Francisco about 8 years ago who was born via gestational surrogacy (I was born via traditional). She wasn’t even at the babbling age so it felt like a cruel twist that my kind […]
Automattic: 8 Year Anniversary For the first time in eight years, I celebrated my work-aversary in person with a few coworkers. For a distributed company like Automattic, it’s a true reflection of how much I appreciate my coworkers that I’d want to meet up with them to celebrate, despite no need to do so. Each have been at the […]
their voice One of my favorite signs of intimacy with another is when you can read a text from them in their voice, knowing exactly how they might say whatever you’re reading.
never know I was off caffeine, away from wifi, and on top of mountains for most of the last few days. I caught myself whispering aloud to my very dead grandma on some of these glorious hikes. It was all so beautiful that I found myself wondering what I might try to say in a postcard or […]
surrounded Wrote this as a note on my phone on August 29th, 2022. Back dating this post to then! I’ve had such a weird but wonderful day all around and in so many ways. I woke up at 5:40 am, mostly ready to go barring a few items I had listed down to snag. Not on […]
introvert friendly For what feels like the very first time, I had an almost entirely silent haircut. It happened at a hole in the wall place (the best) around the corner from me that only takes cash and doesn’t have appointments. From the start, I was intrigued. I hardly showed the barber a photo and he turned […]
remember the world I didn’t sleep much last night. I installed a portable AC unit very poorly yesterday and, despite having had one while living in San Diego, my brain decided this one would catch on fire while I was sleeping for some unknown reason. I emotionally muscled my way through a presentation in the morning followed by […]
against the odds The last few weeks, I’ve had moments of profound awe that I get to know the people that I do. Perhaps it’s from looking at the images from the webb telescope and realizing how improbable our planet is, let alone the fact that I somehow managed to find people I connect with on a deep […]
to those struggling to get by Another companion piece of sorts for two prior posts: To those who feel like a burden & To those who aren’t very attached to life. This is a post to those struggling to get by, with little to look forward to and the days feeling dreary. I do not have answers. What follows are simply observations […]

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