Extreme ownership & extreme collaboration - Quick thought on a Saturday morning before venturing out to a museum and another World Cup game. In working remotely for just over 8 years now including my time at University, I’ve learned the power of fully embracing two seemingly disparate ideas: extreme ownership and extreme collaboration. If I take something on, I act as […]
I get to - I don’t know how this mental switch started or when but let’s say it was recently (unrelated – why does it matter when?). I’ve started restating items that stress me out or cause a sensation of numbness to come over me as “I get to…”. While on this recent stint in Europe, I’ve been dreading […]
The promises you make to yourself - In the summer of 2015, hardly a year into my time at Automattic, I traveled to Vancouver, Canada where I camped out for a month to catch the Women’s World Cup. It was a surreal trip and one of the first times I vividly remember making a real home in a foreign place. I remember […]
Unexpected - I had the most unexpected day. I dragged myself out into nature after wanting to just finish up work and succumb to Netflix reruns. Instead, I went on a splendid 10 mile hike on a ridiculously gorgeous day and made new connections with three incredible women. They misgendered me when I first passed by them […]
Disagree and commit - A quick, almost drive by note: I’ve noticed when I’m critical of an idea, people think that it means I’m not engaged in making the work a success when it’s precisely the opposite. Being critical is often overlooked as a form of engagement – like an upset user that people just want to dismiss. It […]
Burnt Lake - I hardly slept last night. I can’t pinpoint why but it was pure anxiety… over a wonderful, relaxing Sunday outdoors. Go figure. I tried listening to podcasts. I tried silence. I tried deep breathing. I tried. I really tried to sleep. When I finally “woke up” or rather it became time for me to eventually […]
Responsibly - Sometimes the best way to get perspective is to get distance and disconnect. I think about this often and have written about this idea many times before. This past week being off of all social media (again) has given me the space to reflect on what I miss about the platform and what role it […]
My eyes have seen - I did the Trial of Ten Falls Loop today. It was so green – it reminded me of Ireland. On days like today, I’m overwhelmed by how much my eyes have seen in such a short lifespan. I feel so absurdly lucky. I kept looking up and around trying to take in every inch of […]
Seeking out notifications - I deactivated instagram last week. I don’t quite remember why. I think someone had told me a few days prior that instagram could be deactivated. For some reason, I wasn’t aware and immediately was intrigued. In the last year, I’ve started deleting the instagram app from my phone. One week, I deleted Instagram and the […]
pause rather than panic - In the last two years or so, I’ve had some intense moments of misinterpretation and misunderstanding. It’s mainly happened with strangers or people who don’t know me all that well but it’s stuck with me. One person interpreted my nomading as escapism and avoidance of connecting with loved ones….. while I was on a trip […]