Odd thing to hope - This might be an odd thing to hope for another person but I hope you find a song soon that you can’t stop listening to that makes you feel a ton. A song you’re glad you stuck around to hear, you know? I sent the above in a text to a friend recently but realized […]
empty road - After searching for a few weeks, I finally found a group that aligned with my values locally in Salt Lake City that would take my few items of furniture as a donation. The two men arrived this morning, smiling and extremely sturdy. Sometimes I delude myself into thinking that I’m strong until I watch a […]
pathways for participation - I have terrible stage fright and general public speaking anxiety. Years spent painfully correcting speech impediments will do that to you. At one point, a speech therapist I worked with dumped out my piggy bank of carefully collected coins and began taking away coins one at a time when I got words wrong. Needless to […]
On future outreach program models in the WordPress community - The FSE Outreach Program was started as an experiment and, just over one year in, it felt advantageous to document thoughts around future outreach program models while I’m in the midst of building this current one. Plus, I love a good reason to reflect! It’s important to note that I’ve struggled a bit in writing this post […]
So you want to talk about Full Site Editing? - As we’re nearing 5.8, there’s an increasing demand for people to speak about Full Site Editing and this post should help act as a resource guide to enable more people to do so. As always, I would love contributions from the wider community to build this out into an even more comprehensive resource! While this […]
Look - Look for reasons to love people. Look far and wide if you have to. Look for love in the differences — in the way their soul lights up over something you know nothing about. Even after you’ve found so many reasons (and you will), keep looking. Expect to find more. There’s no limit to how […]
The walls became the world all around - “That very night in Max’s room a forest grew and grew and grew until his ceiling hung with vines and the walls became the world all around.” Excerpt from “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak “You are constantly told in depression that your judgment is compromised, but a part of depression is that […]
One Year in DevRel - This week, I spoke at a WordPress meetup group about one of the biggest features coming to WordPress: Full Site Editing. Leading up to the presentation, I recorded a version of the talk and shared the link with a few trusted community members hoping for feedback. In true “it takes a village” fashion, I got […]
Like riding a bike - I got the first dose of a Pfizer vaccine today. It feels a bit unreal! I purposefully wore a shirt that said, “Enjoy this beautiful day” in hopes it would help spread some good vibes to those I knew I’d interact with. It proved to be such a great way to connect even briefly leading […]
Dead end - Truth seems to get flimsier the messier a situation gets. How I even view the idea of truth depends on who I listen to, what I manage to remember, who I seek out to cross check me, what mood I’m in, how recent an event was, whether there’s documentation, what my value system is, what […]