It really hits - “Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” ― Alan Keightley I’ve never wanted a tattoo but I imagine if I did it I would feel the way I do about this quote. It’s been rumbling in me these last […]
Dear caffeine - I didn’t think I could live without you. You were my routine. You were my comfort zone. I trusted you to help me be social when I just wanted to hermit and hide. You calmed my nervous hands. You steadied my mind. You kept me up late. You woke me up early. Over the years, […]
Standing in another’s digital shoes - While sitting in a coffee shop trying to read this AM, I found myself texting Chris. Chris is the embodiment of eclectic and readily accepts any brain dumps I seem to offer him from time to time with grace, humor, and wit. As we were rapid fire texting messaging today, two ideas I’ve been mulling […]
Left a mark - I was clearing out browser tabs this morning trying to declutter my digital life after making a small effort to clear up my physical one when I stumbled upon this article I had open. I nearly closed it outright but after a quick scroll up & down the page decided it was short enough to […]
Practical Diversity & Inclusion - Over my three years at Automattic, I’ve worked a great deal on diversity and inclusion. I recently decided to take a step back and, upon reflecting, I wanted to share one of the biggest lessons I learned: often folks will jump to help with seemingly insolvable problems but their minds go blank once the magic […]
Two dimensions of writing - I was chatting with someone over the weekend at San Diego Pride when I realized an interesting habit I have that might influence the way I perceive the world. We were talking about using writing as a way to process vs as a way to preserve memories. It’s a favorite topic of mine so apologies […]
Sense of sacredness - This past weekend, I went to Santa Barbara for the first time to reunite with one of my rugby teammates, Katie. We hadn’t seen each other in over two years yet have managed to keep in touch via thesis length text messages randomly. She’s actually one of my my rugby “littles” (we call them “newbies”) […]
Frozen fragments - We are the swiping generation. We put people in boxes but we just call them phones now. We ask for data points rather than stories. We ask for facts rather than feelings. We demand people define themselves over and over and over when we all know 140 characters can’t fit even a fragment of ourselves. […]
Somehow - It’s officially been a year since I moved to San Diego. I moved here with a backpack worth of stuff, a vague idea of why I was doing what I was doing, and barely any energy to think too much about any of it. I was at my end and I had decided this place […]
Beautiful things & happy moments - I love this image, the idea, the quote – all of it. As a contact wearer since the 4th grade, it resonated deeply since I first saw it years ago and has made me pause to this day each time I have to replace my contacts. It’s almost like I have a moment of silent happiness […]