layered celebration - I have been experimenting with not documenting life as much over the last week. As part of this, I deactivated my instagram account and have routinely opted not to snag my “nice” fujifilm camera as I go to leave for the day. The pictures I have taken on my dated iPhone 6 are easy, quick, […]
Sabbatical Reflections: Month 1 - I’m one month into my sabbatical and am forcing myself to write despite an annoying cut on my right index finger that hurts with every keystroke. This may seem miserable but it’s a glorious thing taken in whole. To start, I cut my finger while trying to peel fresh ginger. I’ve never cooked with fresh […]
No particular order - In no particular order and without much context, I offer some random realizations that have struck me thus far during my sabbatical. A ton makes me happy and they are often very little things. I have a vast amount of internalized homophobia to the point that sometimes just having someone accept me feels like an […]
the rest to fade - I don’t know how it’s been a decade. Trauma is weird in that it can control aspects of time in a cruel DJ-like way. Here comessss the drop (oh god). A decade ago, a teammate of mine was in a horrific accident that happened right in front of about half of the team, myself included. […]
if it’s safe - I’m on day three of my sabbatical and I can feel Restlessness peering its head out waiting to see if it’s safe to come bounding into my brain. It’s holding back for now but my fingers long to type and my brain itches for something to dig into. Instead, I write longer than necessary emails […]
emotional game time - “In anthropology, liminality (from the Latin word lÄ«men, meaning “a threshold”[1]) is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of a rite of passage, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the rite is complete.[2] During a rite’s liminal stage, participants […]
Automattic: 5 Year Anniversary - These are some of my favorite posts to write. I love an excuse to reflect and to gush about a part of my life that has brought me so much – like talking about a dear friend. As the years go by, it becomes harder to speak on how Automattic has impacted my life and […]
Honor them - Do you know those moments where you just feel something is about to go wrong? Last summer, I was walking on a rugged trail in Colorado when I paused and had a feeling of needing to turn back wash over me. “Come on, Anne! It’s a pretty day. Don’t turn around now.” I talked myself […]
Stuck - Recently, I’ve been stuck on two concepts. What got me to this point in life isn’t necessarily what will help me get through the future. A coping mechanism of the past can hold me back in the future. It’s important for me to revisit this, question myself, and grow. It’s a fine art as an […]
failed for fun - On a whim and with time to spare, I decided to start an Intro to Operations course through Wharton via Coursera (ohhh the internet). The last time I took a true online “course” was the summer of 2013 when I desperately needed to scrap together 120+ credits to graduate college in three years. I took […]
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