the difference - There’s a really thin line in my relationship with anxiety between enabling myself and in prioritizing self care. I don’t quite know how to handle it or what the difference is. It reminds me of how my mom must have felt when I was in 4th or 5th grade dealing with undiagnosed mono for eternity […]
For a change - I was on the phone with a friend recently when she was lamenting the fact that one of her ex’s instagram story kept accidentally popping up when she was watching other people’s stories. “UGH it pains me because I know they can see I was looking too when I didn’t even want to see it in […]
a massive exception - I’ve had some really bad anxiety days. Days where I’ve dragged myself to class only to fall asleep in every single one barely keeping afloat because I haven’t slept the night before. Days where I’ve been so anxious that someone closing a door too loudly causes me to panic and want to immediately leave whatever situation […]
Knowledge is anxiety - I signed up for 23andme a while back and have loved it thus far likely because there hasn’t been any glaring news or flashing reports saying “you will die tomorrow”. This is good news. I’m lucky in that I have very good “genes”. Just over a year ago, I found out from my birthmom that […]
Actions anyone can take to help diversity & inclusion - I got involved in Diversity and Inclusion work at Automattic in three very simple ways that didn’t involve me having any special skill, role, level of experience, or years at the company. For folks who might want to get involved but don’t know how, I think you’ll find these three ways to be the building […]
On being needed - At Automattic, I’m a team lead in charge of wrangling cats other Humans. I’m naturally a “fixer” and “doer” so this role isn’t completely outside my comfort zone. Recently, I crossed the 2 years of being a team lead and it’s created a strange crisis of “what do I want to do now?”. Fair warning: I […]
Holes in shoes - I almost have a hole in my shoe. It’s not quite there yet but I’m nearing the due date for my nearly yearly samba replacement pair. I wait to buy another pair even as the shoe wears thin. I like the feeling of really worn out shoes — as if in some way this tangible and […]
Automattic: 3 Year Anniversary - What I listened to while writing.  Just prior to this, I was scrolling through Automattic‘s Bridge team’s updates (think of our bridge team as you would a formal C level team). I like to end my day in randomness if I can. There’s so much to learn at Automattic and so much information being generated day […]
Best Job Advice I’ve Ever Received - I think by the end of my job search in San Francisco, I had applied to over 90 jobs. That pattern seems to match though – I applied to 18 schools when applying for college. During the Great Panic of 2014 (my new affectionate name for one of the most stressful times of my life), […]
Remote =! Lazy or Easy - When I tell people about my job at Automattic working wherever I want, people begin riffing about how much easier life would be with a remote job. It starts innocuous enough: “I could go to the gym whenever I wanted! I could sleep in!”. Fairly quickly though, the conversation goes down a path of working […]