You can do that - I remember going through a museum once somewhere far away and reading a plaque that said the person who painted the piece before me did so during a period of time where, out of pure grief, they didn’t speak for a few years. “You can do that?!” was my first thought. My mind quickly jumped […]
What if it’s both? - I don’t have it in me to write an elaborate, thoughtful post. All week I’ve been scribbling half thoughts as a bizarre note in my phone trusting my future self to have the capacity to expand upon each idea. I have to remind myself that there’s value in quick thoughts. There’s even an entire social […]
Postcard Scribbles: All is Not Lost - Sometimes I write postcards/cards to loved ones and strangers alike that I wish I could share with more people. It’s often a message I need to hear but pass onto someone else. I can’t send a postcard to everyone (if I could, I would) so instead I’m re-sharing here. This postcard was scribbled on the […]
an escape - Despite growing up in Florida and spending 5-6 years on/off in California, I’ve never been a big beach person. I wear my sambas when I go. I never actually went swimming in the ocean while living in California. Instead, I would walk along the shore witnessing the sunset and the moments of other people. Sometimes […]
On the Internet, this week’s events, and where we’re headed - To start, I want this post to be a discussion starter not a conversation ender. It’s a post not to express judgement but to share the tiny bit of context I’ve gathered to then ask questions from and have conversations with others about. Further, while obvious to say, it feels important to note that I […]
I hope we carry this year with us - A smattering, disjointed collection of thoughts on 2020 that, in retrospect, reflect how this year has felt for me. There’s alway so much more to say. “I hope it’s okay but there’s a slight tear in the straw. I can get you another one if you want but, from what I can see, it’s not […]
kindest things - I think one of the kindest things you can do to show you care about another person is to read their favorite book.
so far away - When I was 13, I went to Honduras and met an incredible translator quickly turned friend. I recounted my heartbreaking goodbye to him in a previous post but left out the fact that we fought to stay in touch and, thanks to various WordPress blogs in college I created, found each other again. Turns out […]
a majestic moose - I didn’t want to hike yesterday. I was looking for excuses not to checking road closures, gauging whether I could get one more wear out of my wool long underwear, and trying to do mental math around how busy the trail I wanted to hike might be. I leaned on some previous tips around determining […]
You might not love working at Automattic if… - This past September, I crossed 6 years of working for Automattic, the parent company of, Tumblr, and more. I love talking about Automattic and the unique culture that has made our distributed company work across 70+ countries for the last 15 years. The more I talk with people, the more I realized that it’s […]