Progress Sometimes at the start of a new wood carving project, I can’t fathom ever getting to the end. Very quickly, it becomes just about the pure motion of chipping away rather than the shape of anything forming. Each stage requires a different headspace for me — I start with chaotic, large chunks flying and have […]
best $10 of my life I tweaked my knee on Sunday. I was playing soccer on a glorious day after an intensely social weekend with a lovely friend when I planted to make a pass and felt my knee hyperextend (the pass turned out to be an assist for the record). I immediately paused after and felt it out. Something […]
extra I don’t want to change my contacts. They were what helped me see the last moments of my grandma. They helped me see her breaths and stillness alike. I don’t want to throw away the two pairs of shoes I have filled with holes for the same reason, despite now living in Seattle where it […]
dark ages I’ve always been fascinated by humanity somehow gaining and then losing the ability to do something throughout human history. Time does not always cause progress. I fear it in my own life on a micro scale. From time to time, I open up my own archives in the form of bizarre old blog posts often […]
Lillian McCarthy “We’re all just walking each other home.” Ram Dass I thought I understood fully what the above quote meant. It’s been just over a week since my grandma took her last breath. She died on a Saturday sometime between 2:05pm and 2:20pm. I know it was roughly that timeframe because my uncle and I stepped […]
bury her in letters What do you think a person wants to hear when they are dying? We are all dying of course. I’m speaking of those clinging to death—those who can taste it and eat it and swallow it whole. Those who have a five course meal of death. Death with a side of death with (surprise) death […]
Leveling up YouTube videos with WordPress design tools Over the last year or so, I’ve begun tinkering with sharing YouTube videos. I don’t fancy myself a YouTuber by any means but I have found that it’s an easier medium for me to share information than doing presentations. My introverted, anxious self loathes presentations but I find myself really getting into a flow state […]
29 I started writing this on March 5th, the day before my birthday, but paused — Do I write these posts on my birthday or just before? I couldn’t remember. Turns out I write them on my birthday but, forget tradition, I decided to have my words show up early. It feels fitting for this year, […]
mental marker In middle school, three hurricanes passed through Florida in the span of a few weeks. One lingered all day — 14 hours — and I sat on the phone with a friend for the entirety of it. We watched movies, we napped, we ate meals, we talked, we breathed on the phone in silence interspersed […]
report back Some scenes remind me how fleeting and impossible to capture most things are. Sometimes I don’t even bother to lift my camera deciding to soak it in instead and other times I take nearly the same photo ten times in a row. I love that we still try to report back to each other. I’ve […]

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