Happy Twenty, WordPress I remember celebrating 15 years of WordPress. I wasn’t yet contributing directly to the larger open source project yet still felt the impact reverberate through my being. A lot has changed in five years. I’ve switched jobs twice and am now spending my days both deep in the future of what’s to come for WordPress […]
forget again I took a mental health day and went on a hike. I saw a tree that looked like the perfect size to hug and walked right up to for an embrace it without thinking much about it. Memories of looking at trees to hug came flooding back from the pandemic. Why don’t we talk about […]
Quick career tips for underrepresented folks in tech While I’m not particularly ambitious or career oriented, I have both been given advice assuming I am by folks more advanced in their careers and am a generally observant person who likes to understand how systems work. With layoffs abounding in tech, I wanted to share a gathering of thoughts that I think underrepresented folks […]
took place April 19th would have been my grandma’s birthday. 95, I think. Some of the folks I chat with at the nursing home talk about living to 110. She didn’t want that. I don’t talk to myself but I did that day. I talked for a few awkward minutes as if I was catching up with […]
No choice I just finished “Abandon Me” by Melissa Febos and wanted to pull out a few favorite quotes to return to, as otherwise it makes it hard to give away the books that already live in my brain. It’s a minimalistic compulsion. Sometimes I wonder if I read my physical books faster and more frequently purely […]
Creating art for 20 years of WordPress Building off of my prior post on creating art and in light of launching a call for art submissions inspired by WordPress’ 20th anniversary, I’m sharing the various submissions I’m working on in case it inspires someone else to join in on the fun. Submissions are due by May 1st, 2023 so fire up your […]
So you want to talk about the Site Editor? Part IV As a follow up to a few prior posts I’ve written, I wanted to share a much more contained, semi-6.2 related update as this marks a big step forward in the experience, resulting in the removal of the beta label. For completeness, here are the prior posts: So you want to talk about Full Site […]
complete The second I started to write a note to my friend congratulating her on expecting a baby boy, I removed the item from my list on my phone, lost forever. The familiar feeling of “well, now I really need to see this through” passed through my brain. I never really stopped to observe this habit […]
30 I don’t remember my twentieth birthday. I don’t know what I did, who I was with, or how I felt the day my twenties began. I can remember the surrounding circumstances — nearly needing to switch schools before finding a way to graduate early, the one year mark of my ACL recovery, a breakup with […]
WordPress 6.2 highlight grid with green, blue, and black colors detailing various features coming to the release. WordPress 6.2 Source of Truth Since becoming a sponsored contributor in the wider WordPress community in 2020, I noticed the same problem repeating with each release: how can one get the most accurate information about the entirety of a release as quickly and painlessly as possible? I noticed it across both Automattic (where I work) and the community as teams […]

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