Why I voted to delay WordPress 5.9 - Thoughts on why I voted to delay WordPress 5.9.
best effort - For the last five days, I’ve hardly had the energy to leave the bed (or the tub where I’ve spent hours), let alone the airbnb I’m staying in. I keep thinking about how lucky I am that I picked such a great spot to fall apart. There’s an adorable reading nook that I’d sleep in […]
Collapse - Where can I collapse?I must pick a place soon. I don’t have much time.  It can’t be too comfortable.I’ll never leave if so. I don’t want to stay forever.  It can’t be too harsh.I’ll come to accept it. I don’t want to leave here too soon.  The search for such a placekeeps me herefor longer than i can […]
Illuminating an exciting moment in time - I shared a version of this within Automattic, the company I work, and a colleague suggested that this would be helpful to have in the wider WordPress conversations so I thought I’d share here! This post won’t cover everything despite my best efforts but it will cover, at a high level, the basics of the […]
sleeplessness and all - I went camping last week at my childhood friend’s childhood camp. Another camp friend of hers joined and together they sang songs, reminisced, shared infuriating riddles over camp fires, and guided us around. I loathed every camp I ever went to (there aren’t many) but felt as though I could have replayed this night endlessly, […]
extra pets - I made some new furry friends this past weekend and wanted you to meet them too. Don’t worry, I already gave them extra pets on your behalf.
Sharing Approaches for FSE Feature Adoption - While conversation continues around the WordPress’ full site editing project and the collection of features it brings, I’m increasingly getting questions around adoption. When should we adopt features? Do we have to adopt features? What would be easiest to start with if I’m not ready to leap fully into the block theme world? This post […]
losing track - How is it possible that I can repeatedly capture so much beauty, love, and joy yet still somehow lose track of each of them all the same? Sometimes I scroll through my phone’s photos and can hardly believe the memories crammed within all the 1s and 0s. When did this become my life? How many […]
so badly - “Please, I want so badly for the good things to happen.” — Sylvia Plath
Automattic: 7 Year Anniversary - To say I feel lucky to still work at Automattic is a vast understatement. To stay I miss my co-workers feels the same. In the dim, horrifying, mind numbing, and surreal days of the last year, working at Automattic was a gift. It felt like the library on my college campus that I could retreat […]