one pedal at a time At least once a year, I reach a point of wanting to do something I don’t think I can. During the pandemic, it was 15 pull-ups in a row. At other points, it’s been long hikes or repeating college rugby fitness tests. It comes from both the urge for my insides to match my outsides […]
instead I scrambled up to my apartment’s rooftop to catch the sunrise and was stunned by this view instead.
lightning of loss 2022 saw an immense amount of grief for me and taught me, once more, the horrible lesson that the culture I exist in doesn’t make space for it. When folks can’t fix something, there’s a seeming unwillingness to ask about the unfixable and to walk alongside someone with a heavy heart. Some grief has been […]
chose to be open What an unexpected yet intentional year of openness, grief, exploring what it feels like to be settled, and finding a place that feels like home (for now). I can’t help but think of my grandma as 2023 creeps closer. It’s a year she’ll never touch. A year without memories of her. A year without notes […]
stacked places I’ve been having a lot of overlapping conversations with wildly different people. The kinds of conversations that bleed and build into each other. The kinds of conversations that makes me want to report back to each person I’ve spoken with to catch them up on the latest ideas/thoughts/feelings formed from their own. It reminds me […]
Behind the scenes of creating art with WordPress It’s been nearly a year since the launch of the Block Museum, a virtual art exhibit of art pieces made with different versions of WordPress. In that time span, three WordPress releases have come out with ever greater tools for creativity. Meanwhile, the Block Museum opened to submissions, introduced an interactive exhibit, and a few […]
tiny feelings At varying points in our lives, we’re each told what is and isn’t okay to feel. It’s a normal part of a society that teaches right/wrong, bad/good, etc. Sometimes we get this wrong though or we internalize a small moment that was a mere passing comment made without much thought in another person’s life. This […]
ways to go I sometimes forget that I work in tech, ignoring different headlines as boring and instead opting to read about more compelling matters. At Automattic, where I work, slack has been ablaze with the glorious ChatGPT. I’ll let you google the details but at its simplest it’s a AI-powered chat bot. After having it write some […]
extreme alignment I looked around me at pick-up soccer today in a random pause in the game. I felt such extreme alignment in living the life I want — in showing up for people, in keeping in touch from afar, in keeping my heart open, in speaking truth, in working hard, in resting and not getting caught […]
even when My grandma was paralyzed on half of her body for most of my life. It impacted her dominate side so, since I was 12 or so, I watched her navigate both asking for help and being wildly independent (to the point that that independence is what also led to her death in many ways). I’d […]

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