25 - March 6, 2018 12:04am I can feel 25 years of life dancing between my fingers. It feels new and strong – like it can be trusted. I choose to trust it. It feels electric. 24 is ready to be retired. 24 never quite fit me – I didn’t pay much attention to it. It was […]
How to connect them - May 15, 2016 – Personal & Private Blog I think im going to go to san diego and live there for 6 months. May 23, 2016 – Personal & Private Blog I’m going to move to san diego. I just randomly decided this. It’s near my birthmom. I can drive and get to know her. It’s sunny. […]
Lost time - It had been 5 years since two of my friends from high school had seen each other. I saw both of them multiple times over the years separately but always felt like something was missing when I’d see one of them without the other. They were a duo in high school and seeing them apart […]
Brave - I’ve had people call me brave recently and it makes me smirk. I twinge hearing it – how bold and brave I am. I don’t feel it. This week I was afraid to get out of my car and take pictures of the gorgeous sunset. I began calling people until I reached my mom who […]
Something marvelous - I saw something marvelous today. I dragged myself to Mission Beach in San Diego for my nightly walk after work. I was wiped out nearly confused about how I even managed to get my body to commit to this simple task when out of nowhere I saw a 50ish year old woman SPRINTING – full […]
Flat Tire - I was headed to Friday soccer midday when I suddenly got a warning in the middle console of my little minicooper. The day prior I had been in to get my tire pressure adjusted and when I found this new error related to the same thing, I immediately eye rolled assuming the tech had gone […]
Doesn’t take much - I chase sunsets regularly. I figure if I’m going to live on the West Coast that I nearly have a duty to appreciate as many sunsets as possible. I was thrilled on Saturday when the forecast showed a solid sign that we’d have a gorgeous sunset. After driving to Mission Beach only to find hoards […]
Observing - I just bought a nice camera – aka I have upgraded from just using the camera on my phone. I was so excited to get it and to start taking picture that I didn’t consider how I might feel taking pictures now that it was so obvious that that was what I was doing. I am used […]
See what happens - “We are constantly trying to hold it all together. If you really want to see why you do things, then don’t do them and see what happens.” ― Michael A. Singer This quote struck me when I read it. I must have re-read it three or four times before I moved on only to scroll back […]
decision making - One would assume that when you are at your best, you make the best decisions. I’m finding this is unfortunately not true for me. Oh how I wish it were! In the same way you shouldn’t make decisions when you are at your worst, when I am at my best there are always unforeseen consequences. […]