commit to intensity I feel stuck between two philosophies, trying to find the balance and the nuance. One tells me that you can’t wait for things to happen or to stumble across meaning, adventure, joy, etc. It’s best summed up in this quote. The other tells me that fighting for things to be different than they are is […]
layered I was reminded today how much I love things that force me to attention and how much I seek that out in my hobbies — lifting, woodcarving, soccer, photography, and (now perhaps making a return in my life) biking. To be both at attention and in a flow state feels dreamy. You can’t truly daydream […]
new bike My grandma called me on my birthday this year. I was in DC at a museum exhibit for the House of Sweden. I stepped out of the exhibit, took a moment to remind myself to speak loudly/clearly/slowly, and picked up. She told me about how she wanted to give me some extra money for my […]
perfect pair I wore these sambas through the pandemic, walking for hours in San Diego to nearly slipping in the snow in Salt Lake City to fully wiping out in the mud with my friend’s dog in the mountains of North Carolina. They carried me on lonely walks and skipped along with me for joyous reunions. They […]
all the doors Turns out, you use your index finger for a lot. A lot more than I ever could have imagined. Brushing teeth, cleaning pots, cutting veggies, opening doors, typing, wood carving, doing your hair, putting on shoes, rubbing your face in pain. Very early on during a glorious pick up soccer game yesterday, I collided with […]
awake I had a terrible nightmare the other night to the point that I might have nearly sprained my ankle in my anguish to help in the dream world. I was skiing (have never been so good job, Dream Anne, on the imaginative aspect) behind a friend when she fell through the ice/snow, only to be […]
Progress Sometimes at the start of a new wood carving project, I can’t fathom ever getting to the end. Very quickly, it becomes just about the pure motion of chipping away rather than the shape of anything forming. Each stage requires a different headspace for me — I start with chaotic, large chunks flying and have […]
best $10 of my life I tweaked my knee on Sunday. I was playing soccer on a glorious day after an intensely social weekend with a lovely friend when I planted to make a pass and felt my knee hyperextend (the pass turned out to be an assist for the record). I immediately paused after and felt it out. Something […]
extra I don’t want to change my contacts. They were what helped me see the last moments of my grandma. They helped me see her breaths and stillness alike. I don’t want to throw away the two pairs of shoes I have filled with holes for the same reason, despite now living in Seattle where it […]
dark ages I’ve always been fascinated by humanity somehow gaining and then losing the ability to do something throughout human history. Time does not always cause progress. I fear it in my own life on a micro scale. From time to time, I open up my own archives in the form of bizarre old blog posts often […]

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