remember the world I didn’t sleep much last night. I installed a portable AC unit very poorly yesterday and, despite having had one while living in San Diego, my brain decided this one would catch on fire while I was sleeping for some unknown reason. I emotionally muscled my way through a presentation in the morning followed by […]
against the odds The last few weeks, I’ve had moments of profound awe that I get to know the people that I do. Perhaps it’s from looking at the images from the webb telescope and realizing how improbable our planet is, let alone the fact that I somehow managed to find people I connect with on a deep […]
to those struggling to get by Another companion piece of sorts for two prior posts: To those who feel like a burden & To those who aren’t very attached to life. This is a post to those struggling to get by, with little to look forward to and the days feeling dreary. I do not have answers. What follows are simply observations […]
limiting Sometimes I so prioritize being consistent that I forget there’s the option to simply show up when I can, how I can. I’ve had to cancel a myriad of plans in the last week for a few reasons and a wave of rumination hit. In one case, I even texted something to the effect of, […]
already survived I couldn’t remember that going on a hike was an option today. My world was so narrow. My thoughts so limited. I checked how long it would take to drive to the bike path (1 hour 40 minutes) and pivoted to playing soccer, only to find the turf field nearby getting repairs. It took me […]
attempt I asked someone recently what were some things that made them happy in the last week or so. I have a horrible habit of not turning questions on myself so this is my attempt to do so with a quick list of things that brought a smile or meaning: Spending time with people in their […]
wild pals I made a tiny friend today and took their photo, despite their shyness. Doing so reminded me of all of the other wild pals I’ve managed to capture. In particular, here are a few favorites:
commit to intensity I feel stuck between two philosophies, trying to find the balance and the nuance. One tells me that you can’t wait for things to happen or to stumble across meaning, adventure, joy, etc. It’s best summed up in this quote. The other tells me that fighting for things to be different than they are is […]
layered I was reminded today how much I love things that force me to attention and how much I seek that out in my hobbies — lifting, woodcarving, soccer, photography, and (now perhaps making a return in my life) biking. To be both at attention and in a flow state feels dreamy. You can’t truly daydream […]
new bike My grandma called me on my birthday this year. I was in DC at a museum exhibit for the House of Sweden. I stepped out of the exhibit, took a moment to remind myself to speak loudly/clearly/slowly, and picked up. She told me about how she wanted to give me some extra money for my […]

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