I don’t believe in the 1st Cor 13 love

I don’t believe in the 1st Cor 13 love or the love that we see in Disney movies. Pretty sure I have given and received love that has been incredibly impatient, rude, and has definitely kept a record of right and wrong (and vice versa).. But the end goal was the same: love. Question love and i think youll find it to be all the more fascinating and dynamic. But, love is hard at any level. It has the power to build up and destroy. It’s a worthwhile risk that we so rarely take on but should. Loving deeply helps make us into the people we are today by affecting the things and people we are attached to and invest in. We surround ourselves with love songs, books, movies, etc. but don’t surround ourselves with the things necessary for love to thrive: respect despite differences, trust despite mistakes, determination to stick with each other despite the fact it would be easier to give up at times, and the list goes on. Its almost as if we assume that love will just take care of those things instead of realizing how much goes into loving someone or something. I believe in love but I don’t always believe in how it is carried out with limitations/exceptions (ex: racism, homophobia) in this world. If all someone is doing is promoting love, what’s the problem? Basically, love can be the simplest act or one that requires the greatest courage–be ready for both.


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  1. […] hurt you”. We were young and it was idealistic and it was something I wanted to believe. I don’t believe in that kind of love anymore and not for cynical reasons. Love hurts because we hurt each other. It’s part of […]

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