Last LDOC & Last Lecture

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Yesterday was my last day of class at UNC Chapel Hill. I have been more than lucky and honored to go to such an amazing school filled with even more amazing people. I am graduating in three years and am gathering the strength and courage needed to jump into the real world. Any advice?!

My last day was spent in good fashion. A cappuccino in the morning before my 8am class. A great discussion about  mental health in that class before moving onto my sociology class. After talking about the flaws in our school system, we broke into our groups to discuss projects. A break in the day led me to call my uncle, grandparents, and parents to tell them thank you and let them know how much I appreciate their support. I know I couldn’t have done it without them and am so humbled by how much they sacrifice for me.  I then got Med Deli and ran into a friend. We sat and talked about school, rugby, life, life after graduation, graduation pictures… Suddenly, time for my next class. Religion and culture proved to be a fascinating class for the semester. Sadly, it was my professors last lecture and he rocked it. Some takeaway points:

1) The world is too big for your categories and you will miss out if you just rely on those mental categories

2) Critical thinking = awareness… awareness= a more layered and textured world. more to experience.

We then watched the following video that EVERYONE should watch

He then left. We had to fill out evaluations because he was leaving the University after using up his 5 years. We all sat and wrote and wrote and wrote… I took on taking the evaluations to where they needed to go. As I collected the last couple, I talked with some of my classmates about how much we will miss the class. It was beautiful. There are not many classes that I have left feeling that way. As I said, I will miss that class.

Then I had a break and sadly walked back to my apartment to get work out clothes because I forgot them! Went to my last class which was surreal. Very very odd as the time ticked on. I kept thinking “this is it”. It is always a strange moment when you know something is ending. I remember feeling that way when the final state game ended in high school. I cried not because we lost but because it was over. I couldn’t grasp it. It was fleeting and that was terrible. I crave those powerful moments.

I then went and had a stellar workout. Halfway through Bob Bigelow called. I pen paled with his father years ago and I recently reached out to him. What a wonderful conversation. His father is very near and dear to me and to talk to him was just a very full circle moment.

I then ventured over to the Last Lecture. It was beautiful and wonderfully done. It was an honor to be a part of that moment for her. She also took a selfie which I have yet to see but was a part of making happen (go to 18 minutes in the video).

I then went home and tinkered with website “stuff” for a friend of mine and talked to my best friend until bed time. A lovely day for a lovely end of a journey.


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