How to Add a New Post Using the WordPress App: iOS

Note: This Support Document uses screenshots from an iPhone 5


If you are on the go looking to publish a post, this guide will show you how to do so using the WordPress app for iOS devices. With the ability to snag pictures directly from your phone and a handy preview button, the app is built so you can publish post quickly and easily wherever you are.

What this article is about

This article is about the how to publish a post from the WordPress app for mobile devices.

Who might find this useful

Anyone who uses the WordPress app for iOS devices or is thinking about doing so!

Note: If you have are using an Android device, see these instructions.

Download & Open the WordPress App

  • Click here to navigate to the WordPress app download page for iOS, Android, and Blackberry.
  • Click “Download” next to the appropriate operating system (iOS, Android, or Blackberry).
  • Follow the instructions provided to download the app
  • Open the application in your phone by selecting it! The WordPress application will have the WordPress logo on it (the big W!)

Log in to the WordPress App

  • After you have opened the application, log into your WordPress account by entering in your Username and Password that you use for your site.
Logging in to Logged in
After you have logged in, you will be taken to a screen where you will see the most recent posts from the blogs you follow

Add New Post

  • Select the + sign with a pencil on your screen
  • You will then be brought to a screen where you can tap the respective text boxes to enter in the Title of your post and write the content of your post.
add new post
Select the icon highlighted by the yellow square

  • Once you begin typing in the content section, you will find available a set of abbreviated options to style your content as you have on your computer:
Respectively: Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikeout, Link, Quotes, Read more.
  • When you select one of the toolbar items, you will see the HTML show up in your content. For example, if you selected the option to Bold, you would then see <strong> </strong> show up on your screen with the option to write in between.
  • When you are finished with a specific style, simple touch the screen past the HTML and continue writing.

Note: The app uses a hybrid of the Visual and Text editor!

Adding Images on Your Phone to Your Post 

  • To add an image to your post, first hide the keyboard by tapping the small blue Keyboard icon on the right upper side of the keyboard.

    add image
    Tap on this highlighted keyboard icon to hide the keyboard
  • After the keyboard is hidden, you will then see two icons at the bottom. Tapping on the Eye shaped icon allows you to preview your post. Tapping on the Landscape looking icon allows you to add images.
add image from phone
Tap on this highlighted icon to add an image
  • Before you can add images into your post, you first must  allow the WordPress app access to your photos. Rest assured allowing WordPress access to your photos is a secure process and only is there so you can upload pictures!
  • Once you have a picture(s) selected (if there is a check mark on it), select “Done” and the picture will upload and be added automatically.
  • After it is uploaded, you will then see it appear as HTML in your content area.
  • To preview your post and see your image, tap the bottom left eye icon:

    preview added image
    Previewing added image


Setting up Post Options

  • To set up the Options for your post, simply tap “Options”.
  • Once tapped, you will be taken to a page where you can set up the options normally found on a WordPress Postpost options

Publish Your Post & Further ResourcesPublish post

  • Once you have finalized your content, tap Publish in the upper right hand corner!
  • After you have published your post, you will be brought back to a screen of your most recent posts.


Check out the full Support Document on Best Practices when Writing a Post. Some important takeaways:

  • Use Paragraphs
  • Use Headings
  • Spell Check and Proof
  • Think Before You Post
  • Write Frequently
  • Consider Your Readers
  • Use Pictures and Videos
  • Save Your Posts




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