Uplift Trove

“Uplift” Themed Trove Curator

  • Beta tested their app and provided feedback for development
  • Have 800+ followers
  • Pick articles every day that I consider uplifting
  • Picked to be on the Trove Advisory Panel
  • Contacted to be featured on their blog as a Trove They Love after quickly gaining followers and engaging in their platform. Check out the article here.

Positive Mindset

There is a gap in the content posted online with way more negative articles than positive. Through my focus on the positive, I try to uplift those positive articles the way they should be in the first place and fill the gap the media leaves.

Engaging with News

Being aware of the news is critical in today’s globalized society. Through using Trove and seeking out those hard to find positive articles, I remained engaged in the happenings of the world.

Sharing with Others

Instead of finding the articles and keeping them to myself, I want to share them with others and seek out ways to do this. Trove is one of those ways to bring light to the lives of others!



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