A Day in the Life of a Happiness Engineer: Thursday

This post is a day late but only because I was traveling to Denver yesterday afternoon and almost missed my flight.


I woke up and immediately was craving bagels and coffee. Barely awake, I drove and got both all while wearing what could be described nicely as pajamas. Back home, I opened my computer and began the morning routine of reading and planning.

8AM to 4PM

Somehow the team started discussing stuck locks and ways in which Happiness Engineers could better handle them. As a result, here is my quick run through of things I learned working on the VaultPress team:

  • Stuck locks and how to fix them: by the end of an hour long discussion, code was pushed out and a process was documented for us to follow! Another wonderful example of how incredible it is to work on a team that learns from and improves each other. In this case, I learned a ton about something that I didn’t previously know how to handle. This will save time for the developers and will enable HEs to do their job better.
  • SSH: I ended up reading a ton about SSH yesterday after a couple of tickets came in and now feel way more comfortable both answering questions and troubleshooting issues with SSH credentials.
  • Command line tips and tricks: I learned more about ls -lah to figure out file permission issues and cat .htaccess to view the user’s file for any problems.

The best part about these items above is that these were not completely new topics. Instead of adding a new tool to my tool box, so to speak, the knowledge I am learning now is helping me use the tools I have gained in a new way.

4PM to 5PM

I quickly gathered my belongings and said goodbye to my furry dog one too many times. I then went to go visit my grandmother to say goodbye. My grandfather recently died (read my post about my favorite memories of him) and the past couple of weeks were odd without him there. Saying goodbye to her was tough as a result. Tears were shed and hugs were given but we still missed his presence. Each time I go to visit my grandmother, I try to learn something new. This time when I visited her I found out that each night she goes to bed she says a quick prayer for my brother and me, “be healthy and be happy”. What more can you ask for?

5PM to 10PM EST

This was a time of complete panic as I was running late for the airport and then found out that the place where I was going to park my dad’s car was full! Long story short, I ended up full on sprinting through a parking garage. Thankfully, I got into the TSA pre check line and made it through security in 2 minutes flat. Amazing how sometimes things just work out even when they shouldn’t. Around 10pm EST, I landed safely in Denver 🙂 Another day at work and I am in a new city! Incredible.

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