Oh the sites you’ll see

Working for Automattic allows you to get to check out some incredible sites made by those in the WordPress community. I never realized that this would become a part of my job that I would love when I started. Being on the VaultPress team means I am looking at WordPress.org sites most of the day. Whether it’s a business site for a yoga facility or a promotion site for an upcoming concert, I find myself losing track of time noting the set up and design. In turn, this has led me to discovering new plugins, themes, and just generally tricks of the trade. If you want to get better, look at what others are doing! Ask yourself what the site does well. Ask yourself what the site could do better. Try to make these changes using browser developer tools (if you can). Make note of site designs you really like (I have a list of sites that I think are really pretty).

Most importantly, never stop learning 🙂 I’m lucky to have a job that never ceases to teach me something new.


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