Life without a phone

My phone is broken. It won’t charge at all and I have given up trying to make it charge since Saturday. Yes, I’ve tried multiple outlets and multiple chargers. Nothing works. All is not lost though 🙂 I spend most my day on my computer so not having my phone is a blessing because it is one less screen to look at and check. I also can’t get pings, notifications, emails, alerts, etc. The benefits are many..

  • No notifications of any sort can distract me while I am away from my computer.
  • I am less distracted generally.
  • I don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring it with me wherever I go.
  • I am not constantly glued to my phone and oblivious to my surrounds.
  • I’ve had more random conversations with strangers.


  • I can’t call.
  • I can only text from my computer now via imessage (don’t text too much anymore anyway).
  • I feel more vulnerable.
  • No Google maps to tell me how to get everywhere.

I realized I would be totally happy without my phone except for the safety component and the general knowing where I am (maps). I didn’t realize it but those are two incredibly valuable and necessary tools to have while living in a city like San Francisco. Fortunately, I’m typically with people with phones and do try to be back before it gets dark. However, if something were to happen and I both couldn’t call for help and couldn’t navigate my way out of a sketchy area I would be in trouble. On the flip side, it is also a safety concern to be looking at your phone and not your surroundings so maybe the safety component will even out for me. For now, I’m headed into Apple tomorrow for the fourth time this month (bane of my existence these days). With that said, this entire experience is making me rethink whether I need a phone as complex as an iPhone or not as well as what my relationship is like with my computer (weird that these really are relationships with technology these days).


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