2015: the year of learning

My senior year of college I walked into a library to try to find a book on the early history of the mental health movement. I was writing a paper for an amazing course I took on social movements and was absolutely stuck trying to figure out how I could write something novel for this final paper. A routine moment in my college career (going to the library) turned into a very humbling experience. Here’s why:

Go inside a library and look around. Pick up a book and set a timer for 15 minutes. See how far you get in the book. Look up information about the author: what they studied in order to write the book, what they cited, how long it took to write, etc. Look around you again at all the books. You could spend your entire life just reading books written by people who dedicated a huge portion of their time and passion into writing the very thing you’re reading. It’s incredibly humbling to walk into a library knowing how much is put into each book and how you could spend your whole life reading and never read them all. Bottom line: there is always more to learn. I go to the library these days to be humbled and it works every time.

2014 was a rushed year. Between graduation and trying to find a job, I almost forgot to enjoy those final months. It was also a year of huge growth both personally and professionally. I graduated an entire year early and landed my dream job at Automattic. My all or nothing attitude paid off. I moved across the country and navigated very tough decisions. I feel more confident in who I am and where I’m going but I’m no less curious about either. 2015 feels to me like a year of learning and exploring. It feels like a year to dive in deep into life and see all I can. I used the word “learn” in the title of this post because there’s so much I need to learn about myself and the world around me. I always want to be curious and, now that school is over, it’s up to me to continue that quest for knowledge. I’m excited by what’s to come despite knowing there will always be challenges along the way. The key is to have those challenges make you better. Thus far, I seem to have a knack for allowing me to do just that (& not in the ways you might think). Share your story and dive deep into others. We’re all we have.


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