New Zealand: Day three

The team is divided between two houses. There’s a larger main house where we spend most of the day and a bit of a smaller house where me and another coworker stays at night. The result is that I get to take a nice and refreshing walk in the morning to the other house to cook breakfast and start the day. Along the way there this morning, I thought about how lucky I am to simply be in this situation. Another beautiful day in New Zealand focusing on improving what we do with my incredible team… How lucky am I?! Especially since I’m not terribly social, I was surprised by how excited I was to begin another day surrounded by people. 

After making breakfast, I went on a short run around a reserve area that’s nearby. I managed to snap some pictures as you can see below:

Soon after I got back, we dove into some code repositories used extensively in the company. To be blunt, I was overwhelmed by how much I didn’t know but I stuck to the principle that you have to start somewhere and that listening is a great start. More than anything, it made me all the more impressed with the people I work with and the creativity they possess. From there, we wrapped up the day with some downtime to do our normal day to day work. Somehow I got into a giant conversation about the field of psychology with one of my team members. Based on the topic, I think it’s something I may write about more extensively as it relates to the medical model that has been rapidly and forcefully adopted by the psych field… I’ll save the rant for a longer post 😉 

For dinner, we decided to take advantage of an outdoor patio area we have to have a barbacue of sorts.

Not only was the food amazing but the conversation was as well. The topics ranged from the consequences of cloning to creating different funny types of plugins. We all said cheers to backups and just soaked in the time with each other. 

Things I learned today 

  1. Manky: my team lead from Australia introduced me to this word. I immediately had a viseral reaction and realized I needed to use this word moving forward. 
  2. Often the act of discussing/debating is more important than reaching any conclusions. I am a competitive and intense person by nature and I’ve found that those that can match my intensity in discussions make me come alive. Having these kinds of conversations with my coworkers is wonderful and is more important than finding a solution to whatever the topic might be. 
  3. Hacks can be very creative. I helped clean up a friends hacked site and learned a huge amount about how creative some hackers can be. Never underestimate. Always adjust. 

Until tomorrow.. 


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