UBC Bike Ride

The owners of the airbnb where I am staying have been nice enough to leave behind a bike for me to use. As a kid, biking was my forte and my go to method of transportation. I’m still too fearful to bike in San Francisco but have heard awesome things about how Vancouver was basically built with bikes in mind. With that knowledge giving me courage, I set out on a bike ride yesterday. I was only expecting to go 6 or so miles and ended up on a beautiful 10.5 miler. Note that this was after a lifting session + run earlier. My motivation for pushing through? The entire ride was stunning. I ended up on UBC’s campus at their rose garden where I read for a bit before heading onward.


There’s no way I won’t be doing this ride at least one more time while I’m in town. Once I left UBC, I looped down along the coast which involved a breathtaking view of the mountains along the way. My only complaint is that I was silly and didn’t think to bring water!

bike ride map


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