A Friday in Vancouver

My mom came into town at the last minute after a friend bailed coming up to Vancouver (she got VERY sick). My mom and I have always talked about traveling together but it’s never been a reality we could reasonably pursue. Coming to Vancouver suddenly became the perfect opportunity to start our world travels. Fortunately, my mom managed to get a flight that perfectly matched my days off. Friday started with an awesome breakfast and a trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery where my art history obsessed mother went nuts over the 500 Years of Italian Painting from Glasgow Museums. I always forget just how much she knows until moments like this where we’re walking through a museum and she’s reciting facts about painters I’ve never heard of.

After spending more time than I think either of us realized staring at this wonderful artwork, we realized we still had 3 more floors to explore. The rest of the floors contained modern art – some of which was interesting and some of which was simply not understandable. Our favorite part was a room where a screen showed random pictures matched up to random sounds using an algorithm. As a result, no showing was the same. Further, the pictures they showed were essentially throwaway pictures. The entire thing was fascinating and hard to explain in a way that makes it sound appealing (but it was and should be).

Following our time at the museum, we hunted down some food and finally settled on Small Victory Bakery which was simply amazing. I plan to go back as they were out of Chicken Pot Pies and I must get my hands on one. I highly recommend going there for coffee, a quick bite to eat, or simply a place to chat with a friend.

With our bellies full, we headed back to the FIFA Fan Zone to watch the US take on Sweden. After a frustrating tie, we piled into the stadium for the Japan vs Cameroon game. I didn’t have as good of tickets for this game but was impressed by how well you could see the field from higher up. It still felt like you were SO close.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t expect much from Cameroon but very early on in the game you quickly saw the strengths of each opponent come into play. The speed and attitude of Cameroon against Japan’s agility and skill was amazing to watch. By the end, I was hoping Cameroon would walk away with a tie or a win. Sadly, a 2-1 draw was the result to the relief of every Japanese fan in the crowd.

We wrapped the day up with a bus ride and long conversation home. Yet another beautiful day in Vancouver.


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