Surrogacy Conference Session

Over the weekend, I was traveling and listening to podcasts when one by Radio Lab caught my attention: Birthstory. It’s about an Israeli couple and the lengths they went to in order to use a surrogate. It stopped me in  my tracks as it was one of the first times I’ve listened to an actual news overview of surrogacy. After hearing that, I decided to share my own story more.  A couple months ago, I was on a panel for a surrogacy conference and  asked if I could record the session to share with my parents. After listening to the radiolab podcast, I thought it might be neat to share it here as well. It’s about 35 minutes and goes through a variety of questions about my story. Overall, it went well but I was a bit under the weather that day which was a bummer. Of note, this is the first time I ever spoke publicly to a large group about surrogacy 🙂


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