Reach out

“Who would you have dinner with if you could have dinner with anyone in the world?”

I’ve been asked this before and I typically answer with dead people – Viktor Frankl, Emile Durkheim, etc. It was a sad reality when the people I so wanted to get to know were long gone.

Today I reached out to two people whose brains I want to pick. One was an author and professor of a recent book I read and LOVED. The other was a clinical psychologist who helped my parents through surrogacy and who continues to conduct research on surrogacy. Why? I reached out because I could – there’s no other reason than that. I have more folks I want to reach out to too (quite a long list). More people I want to learn from and whose ideas have helped spark my own. We live in an age when we can connect with more people in more ways yet I still can feel myself holding back against reaching out to those who have influenced me in big ways. I realized today I want that to end. I want to contact those people I admire and continue the conversation past their book, work, etc. I may not hear back or they may turn out to be a total ass but at least I tried. Life is too short to not try.

I challenge you if you are reading this – reach out to someone you admire even if it’s simply to tell them just that.

Let the adventure begin 🙂


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