The upside

I’ve been trying to think of clever ways to reframe me being heartbroken. I was slouched in bed watching Pride & Prejudice rejoicing over the fact that I could when I realized the following:

  1. I can choose who I want to love without being used as a family bargaining chip for more land, cattle, etc.
  2. I can choose to love someone of the same sex openly in the United States and it is (mostly) okay*

This is a great thing! This is momentous! Why? Because I can be openly heartbroken over someone of the same sex. How amazingly dreadful! Just the fact that I can write that is a result of more forces working together over more years than I can ever imagine. As awful as it is, I’ve loved and been heartbroken over someone of the same sex before but was socially silenced into never speaking about it. Today, I can. Despite going through round two of this mess, I can at least say things are looking up!

Thanks, world. On a sociological/anthropologic level, this is something to be thankful for (really). This is a privilege I will proudly run with as not everyone in today’s world has this option as a reality. I will embrace the fact that almost crashing my car while trying to silence the radio after one too many love songs is a good thing. A lot of things had to work first before the lightbulb was invented. In the same sense, a lot of things had to be in place for me to have my heart so terribly broken. Here’s to progress.

* This is after dealing with years of my parents slowly coming around to the idea and generally being smart about when to share this information depending on where I am and who I’m with


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