I called one of my constants today. Constant == someone who is always there in my life. I strive to be constants for other people – you know – that person you can call at 4AM. I’m lucky to have those in my life. I’m visiting Austin, TX right now and, after having one too many conversations with strangers, I realized I just needed to hear someone’s voice who knew me. This person has known me since I was 10 and has seen me through, well, most of my truly lived life.

The best thing about maintaining these kinds of friendships is that they help you connect dots in your life you might otherwise not see. That’s why I was calling – I knew there were dots that I couldn’t connect by myself.

One of my favorite moments with another constant of mine happened while we were walking through a park. Someone else we were with asked “Do you know _____?”. She immediately turned to me and asked “Do I know them?”. I couldn’t help but smirk as I confirmed she didn’t.

All of this is to say, call whomever you define as a “constant”. Check in. Catch up. Connect the dots.


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