just tunes and lyrics

No words from me today – just tunes and lyrics on a nasty day.

Maybe I’ll forget and maybe I won’t
I’m stuck in the moment
And so far from home
Cause loving nobody
It’s breaking my heart
But you’ll never know this
Wherever you are

Well maybe I don’t give up easily
But I know this is hard to see
But I wish time would slow down
So I could keep your heart around

And now that you’re on someone else’s shoulders
The winter winds are colder on my own
Maybe we will meet when we get older
Maybe we won’t
So I won’t say I love you if you don’t,
No, you don’t
So I won’t say I love you if you don’t

Well maybe I have two hearts
And one part wont give you up
I’m the one that pulls the strings
I’ve never been too good at these things
‘Cause I just need a kick start
I’m tired of dreaming alone
I think i better jump right in
And finally let the hurt begin
Well tell me when the hurt begins
‘Cause honey wont you let me in


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