Dreams of extroversion

I was texting a friend of mine the other day – a true, introverted friend. I said simply…

I would love for a day to experience what it’s like to be an extrovert and to get energy from other people rather than feeling like I just got run over and my brain is melting.

I was at a conference and after talking to the 20th person about the same thing, I was beginning to feel my brain slowly get fuzzy. It’s a funny thought though. Who would I be if I were an extrovert? How would I spend my time differently?

I imagined myself sitting on my couch itching to be around others — just going through my phone looking for people to call up to hang with.

I imagined calling people often. It’s normally a big struggle for me to call people. The Extrovert Anne calls All The People.

I imagined getting invited somewhere and not immediately trying to figure out how to get out of it. Instead, I would get SO excited and count down the minutes until the big event arrived. I would invite more friends to come because the more the merrier.

I imagined Extrovert Anne walking into a bar FULL to the brim of people without hesitation or nerves finding my friends and making new ones along the way.

I imagined Extrovert Anne hanging out with the same people over an entire weekend only to go to work on Monday morning completely refreshed and ready to go instead of drained.

Extroversion seems like a super power right now as I sit and take on the consequences of working a conference over a weekend after a week of work. I know it’s not as simple just as being introverted doesn’t mean I sit in silence in a ball curled up in bed. It’s a fun thought experiment though to imagine what it would be like not to be so drained after so many interactions.


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4 responses to “Dreams of extroversion”

  1. While we tend to fit into these classifications, they are still boxing us in. As an extremely extroverted person, I too find those moments where I have to retreat and seek isolation.

    • I would love to hear what it’s like inside the mind of an extrovert – I’ve been too busy focusing on nurturing my inner introvert to imagine a different world! Quite interesting.

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