My own little rebellion

It was nearing 1am and I had a flight to catch at 7am. After sharing a few drinks and swapping stories with a friend in Orlando, I was headed home happy, exhausted, and overwhelmed. I still hadn’t packed and my to-do list was longer than I wanted it to be (when is it ever shorter?). As I pulled closer to my parent’s house, one of my new favorite songs came on the radio. Rather than turn in and head home, I turned the wheel away from my house and turned the music up. I spent the next 4 minutes jamming through my neighborhood all by myself – singing at the top of my lungs, driving 10 mph under the speed limit, smiling ear to ear.

My own little rebellion against my responsible, sleep desiring side of myself. I love these moments – these little rebellions against coloring inside the lines and making the perfect decision. I rejoice in these moments when I jam to a new favorite song or reveal a part of myself I wasn’t planning on to a stranger turned friend or spend 10 extra minutes soaking in the sunset long after the sun has left my view. I’m learning to leave space for these moments as they are often needed by some part of me.

The joys of unplanned connection to music, to people, to the world around us.


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