never invite me to trivia

“Um – what’s the date where after it’s not okay to wear white or something?”

I had to call my mom and ask her about this recently. I’m horrible with remembering things like this. On this note, never invite me to play trivia – I don’t remember major dates of big political events, anything about celebrities, what band played which song, or what president did what.

Sometimes I have moments where I forget how many ounces there are in a cup or which day light savings time moves us forward.

Don’t get me started on timezones – I’ll never get them right.

Thankfully, there are apparently different types of intelligence! I think above all else I’ve been blessed with emotional intelligence because – whew – there is a TON I don’t know but my friends joke I can talk to a wall.

It’s interesting what we value in intelligence and which type can be advantageous in the right setting. I may not know a lot of seemingly commonsense things but I can have a mean lifechat when you need it.


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