What to wear to therapy

I very rarely think about what I’m wearing but, for some reason, going to therapy sets off mental alarm bells like I’m going to the principal’s office or headed to an important meeting.

“I should probably look presentable while I word vomit about all the rushing thoughts in my brain.”

“Hmm I can’t just wear pajamas. That might be a bit too worrisome.”

“I feel a good cry in me – probably should change shirts.”

I realized today that the key to what to wear lies in this question: Do you plan to cry today?

If you do, make sure to avoid wearing your nicest shirt. If you do wear a nice shirt, you’ll either a) fight so hard to not cry the session won’t be cathartic or b) you’ll get snot all over your nicest shirt. All signs point to wearing a crappy t-shirt.

Another reason to dress down – it’s a physical signal to your therapist that, “Oh whoa she’s definitely crying today. Let’s move the tissues closer jussssttt in case.”

If you don’t plan to cry at therapy, that’s awesome. Wear a freaking dress or suit or whatever makes you feel spiffy and alive. Spill your guts and rock it.

For now, I’ll be wearing the old t-shirts.


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