We are dangerously close to repeating the past. Walk through a museum and you’ll be reminded of this. We must first be witnesses. We must first learn to know better. Then we must act.

Go to a museum and witness the past and present through the few lenses willing enough to offer it to us. Read a book that unravels a part of the world you might not otherwise discover. Wander the halls of a library and take in the enormity of what you do not know. Listen. Oh listen. There’s so much to learn before we even think to act. I constantly question whether the actions I take are actions I can and should take. I guess this is where the “never stop learning” part of life comes into play.

I went to MOMA in NYC this past weekend and was struck deeply by each of the 6 floors of offerings. How can you take it all in? Sometimes I just want the space and time to stare at one piece of work to at least attempt to process the time it took to create it. There’s one exhibit there right now on refugees that really everyone in the US (at least) should see. I talk of tiny homes and my love for them only for those same words to pain me as I see the way others are forced to live. I am so privileged that I must use it.


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