Thoughts on what to wear to therapy

Hmm. I don’t want to look too put together so she thinks I actually have my shit together and runs me out of therapy.

“You’re good, girl! Go out into the world!”

Must avoid.

Hmm. I can’t look too disheveled though – that might be concerning. She may question the last time I did laundry or showered or left the house or interacted with other humans. Damn it.

“Um – maybe we should switch focus today to talk about normal things humans do…”

Must avoid.

I only own two pairs of pants and one pair needs to be washed so that at least narrows it down. Minimalism for the win!

Now what shirt to wear…. I have some funny ones like my “proudly powered by coffee” shirt or my “This is my napkin” shirt. Errr but that may make her think I’m not taking things seriously. I don’t want her to think that.

God – why isn’t this included in some etiquette book?! This is the kind of crap they should teach you in school along with how to manage finances and how to keep online accounts secure. Asdfjkl.

I could wear an athletic shirt – perfect shirt to cry in since they dry quickly. Hmm likely won’t go well with the nice pants though. Damn it.

Okay okay. What if I just put a jacket on? That’ll minimize the problem, right? She won’t even SEE the shirt. Yeah – let’s do this.

Drives to therapy wearing the same outfit she wore the last time which likely baffles said therapist – “Man, she wears the same thing every time…” 


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