Caffeinated meditation


Focus on the breathe….. Man, lunch was good. Is that a feeling or a thought. That’s a feeling. Erm. That’s a thought. How do you tell the difference? Okay okay. Calm the mind. Calm your shaking hand. Calm….

GO DO ALL THE THINGS. No no. Be here now. Deeeep breath. Focus on the – wow I’m feeling this caffeine. Is that a thought or a feeling? Let’s just go with it being both.

Damn it. Focus… takes deep breath.

Everything feels so clear already though! Caffeine is clarity. Clarity is caffeine. Boom – zen master in the making. Psh.

Wait, why am I meditating? Stop hyperventilating. Slowww the breathing. Still too fast. Your heart is pounding.

What if I had another cup of coffee?

Stop it! Opens eyes to glance at time – How the hell has it only been 1 minute?


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