Go where you are rare

“Go where you are rare” – Megan Smith

I just got back to my place yesterday from Lesbians Who Tech in San Francisco. It was exhausting just as much as it was inspiring. This line from the third ever CTO of America stood out amongst everything else I heard. She said it in the context of what she wants to do next and why she’s not returning to the Bay Area.

I think about this a lot from the diversity angle. Sometimes you are the diversity and sometimes you are surrounded by “your people”. Sometimes you have to be the dissenting opinion and sometimes you are preaching to the choir. Ironically, right now, I feel like I am both in a spot where I am rare and where I’m driving forward a mission that so many others believe in. Ultimately though, this short little line reminded me that a time will come when I will need to move onto the next place whether that be location, job, etc. What an inspiring and challenging call to action to go where one is rare.


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