Saying yes – three years later

This time 3 years ago, I accepted a job at Automattic and nervously prepared to tell my current employer I was leaving their super shiny San Francisco start up after joining on as employee #16. Currently, I’m sitting in the Copenhagen airport on the way to Orlando (where I’m from) after spending 2 weeks in Europe to watch the Women’s Rugby World Cup. If you had told me 3 years ago that I would be here and living the way I do, I wouldn’t believe you in the slightest. A lot has changed since then for me and in many ways my job at Automattic has been the grounding force in my life when all else has been up in the air. To have a meaningful and thought provoking job that allows me to stretch myself both within the work I do and outside of it with a massive amount of flexibility is utterly fantastic.

In many ways, life still feels as if it’s only beginning. 3 years in and I am left pondering what strange airport I’ll be in 3 years from now.

More on this later as I’m sure I’ll write a true 3 year post on my actual start date 🙂


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