I graduated college in 3 years with 2 of those years involving nearly 30-40 hours of real work on top of my school work. It wasn’t a 5 days/week commitment – it was 7 days of grinding. I credit this grind to both being why I am successful in my time management today and to why I got mono for the second time my senior year – win some, you lose some? Something like that 😉

I was reflecting with a friend this past weekend who uses the saying of “You can’t pour from an empty vessel” when talking about how to make sure you’re filled up. While she was talking, it hit me: I’ve gotten extremely used to operating in drought-like conditions. It is uncomfortable for me to be filled up and, the second I am, I rush to return to drought mode. This happens both with work and in my personal life.

I find this happens even with daily things like sleep. If I’m not fully exhausted, I have an extremely hard time falling asleep. I have to be nearly empty before my body and mind will relax enough to let me drift off. It’s infuriating 🙂 This kind of self awareness is powerful though. One can’t exist in a drought permanently. Beyond just for obvious reasons, it also leaves you in a precarious place where minor changes can disrupt you immensely as you don’t have much to draw from.


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