Doesn’t take much

I chase sunsets regularly. I figure if I’m going to live on the West Coast that I nearly have a duty to appreciate as many sunsets as possible. I was thrilled on Saturday when the forecast showed a solid sign that we’d have a gorgeous sunset. After driving to Mission Beach only to find hoards of people, I adjusted and headed to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.

I knew it would be a quiet spot to catch the sunset as so many people avoid cemeteries and graveyards. I’ve always loved them for the way they can quickly center and calm you. When I lived in San Francisco, the national cemetery there was easily my favorite spot in the city. It’s hard to fully explain the beauty of Fort Rosecrans but in large part it’s due to how it’s situated higher up above the city. The simple, white gravestones in row after row stretches along both sides of the road there. It’s both overwhelming in the magnitude and calming in its beauty – I love it.

As expected, I was one of a handful of people with front row seats to a fantastic sunset. Personally, I think I had the best spot sitting in front of one of the trees higher up on the hillside. I leaned against the tree and embraced my captivation with a beautiful bouquet of roses near the grave directly in front of me. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the roses and the stunning sunset.

As I left Fort Rosecrans, I realized just how little it takes to remind you of what actually matters.


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