Flat Tire

I was headed to Friday soccer midday when I suddenly got a warning in the middle console of my little minicooper. The day prior I had been in to get my tire pressure adjusted and when I found this new error related to the same thing, I immediately eye rolled assuming the tech had gone haywire. I was nearly to the field in any case and decided to keep going despite the warnings to “Slow down and pull over”. A few minutes later when I arrived at the field, I jumped out to check the tire. Turns out some technology does work reliably and I did indeed have a flat tire!

I was bummed – I had been looking forward to soccer all day. I quickly called mini of San Diego to talk through my options. Turns out, I have tires called “run flat” tires that can be driven on up to 50 miles after the flat occurs. I quickly accepted that no matter what I did, I had a flat tire and part of my day would have to shift. I didn’t want that part of the day to be soccer though and was weighing options in my head wondering what the smart decision was. When I wasn’t able to parse what was “wise” to do, I admitted to the San Diego mechanic that I really just wanted to play soccer and asked what he advised in light of this new flat tire situation.

He laughed – “Oh why didn’t you say that? Go play soccer. You’ll be good. If anything changes when you get back to your car, just call.” I gleefully hung up the phone, finished tying my cleats that I had already been working to put on while I was talking to the dealership, and ran right onto the field. It’s amazing what can happen when you are just honest about your situation and what you want.

It’s in these little moments that I appreciate how much I’ve changed since I was under the age of 20. U-20 Anne would have immediately panicked and driven straight to the dealership (if not still have gotten the car towed). It likely would have thrown off my whole day and caused me a great deal of stress since this was my first flat tire with my current car. I’m not that person anymore. I played soccer and completely forgot about the tire. I texted my coworker to let him know I’d be late for some afternoon work. I drove to the dealership, dealt with the situation, and headed back home to finish up the work day. I even truly enjoyed the bright red 2018 4 door minicooper they gave me as a loaner. It barely derailed anything and was a non event.

It may seem small but I try to celebrate these things. It gives me hope when I see changes like these as there are still those situations and people who cause me more panic than I wish they did. Who knows, maybe when I’m 30, I’ll look back and laugh at what U-25 Anne panicked over :).

Photo by Imthaz Ahamed on Unsplash


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