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Having been to Europe numerous times now, I have been fortunately to become quite familiar with some big name artists! I can now easily recognize the likes of Picasso, Monet, Manet, Degas, Rodin, Pissarro, Pollock Munch, Courbet, Cezanne, Dali, Gainsborough, etc. After exploring Madrid & Barcelona part of this past month, I’ve slowly started to add in Gris and Miro to my knowledge base (when I can remember their names). I still have trouble with the likes of Velasquez as so many other artists have such similar styles to my untrained eye.

With all of that said, I still feel like I hardly know any artist. It reminds me of when someone says they know women’s soccer players yet can only name Mia Hamm or Alex Morgan. They miss out on knowing the likes of Alex Popp, Marta de Silva, and Homare Sawa. In an effort to expand my knowledge about art and, in turn, to enjoy the art I see even more I have started keeping a list of artists to learn more about:

Winslow homer
Emile Bernard
Henri Manguin
Aert van der neer
Jacob van Ruisdael
Jean Baptist Chardin
Andrew Wyeth
Francisco de Goya
Eugene Delacroix
Berthe Morisot
Toulouse Lautrec
Andre Derain
Henri Matisse
Ernst Kirchner
Mijail Larionov
Natalia Goncharova – the forest
Paul Klee
Marc Chagall
William de Kooning
Albert Giacometti – portrait of a woman
Joan Roig Soler
Joaquim Vayreda
Santiago Rusinol
Ramon Casas
Francesc Gimeno – Fornells (costa bravo)
Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec

This is not exhaustive and I plan to add to it! I’m a bit pissed at myself for only starting to do this now – how many artists have I missed that I wanted to know more about? As you can see, with some, I wrote down the name of a piece of their work that really stuck with me. The goal is to blog about them! Perhaps where I saw them, why their work impacted me, and links to learn more.

What artists are your favorites? I’d love to learn more. Once I dig into those that interests me, I want to dig into art that doesn’t interest me or that I haven’t seen a lot of. I think that’ll be a more interesting challenge as it will likely unveil why I don’t appreciate certain art and the biases that come along with those reasons.

Related: I keep track of items I generally just want to google too. For example, on my list now: What’s the backstory of “innocent until proven guilty”?


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  1. It’s possible I’m slightly biased (since I’m married to him) but my favorite artist is the kinetic artist, Christopher Pollock ( Not related to Jackson Pollock, but with the soul of Alexander Calder. PS. He plans on updating the website soon so you all can see the magic in motion. 😉

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