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It alway amazes me in my nomading when I find comfort in a still new and unknown place. This past weekend I went to Chicago and stayed with a dear friend from high school. I explored the city a ton by foot whereas in visits past I mainly relied on public transit and lyfts. I walked and walked capturing photos, calling friends, sipping coffee as I went. The cover story for the trip was a triple header rugby match up. The real reason was to give me another chance to breathe in true Fall air and to be around someone who helps me feel known. We spent hours on end talking and we spent time in understood silence.

I texted my friend this upon leaving and meant it: “I really could have stayed there indefinitely”. Nomading hasn’t rid me of attachment and I hope it never does. There’s something particularly beautiful and challenging about stepping into a new city with the openness and intentionality of “I live here now” even if it’s only for 6 days.


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