Tasted better

The more I travel, the more I crave bringing others with me. I write this as I sit alone in a hotel room in Thailand — a wonderful escape. The problem is I keep looking out at the views thinking about those who I want to be here with me. Luckily, I landed in Thailand because of a work trip with the current team I’m on so I’ve been able to marvel alongside others (even though we spent most of the time in a meeting room working hard).

I feel this way about many aspects of life. I had this conversation recently with someone who was teasing me for not having kissed more people. I had to explain to them that I get absolutely nothing out of kissing someone I don’t care about. It actually makes me anxious to think about – what on earth would I say to them after? I went on to rant about how amazing it feels when you kiss someone who you do truly care about and how I won’t settle for anything less.

Travel is starting to feel that way. I can go far and wide. I have. The lessons on independence have been well learned and I’ve grown tired of hearing about them. It actually makes talking about travel a bit annoying and painful at times as so many extol the virtues of solo travel. It’s nearly blasphemy to push back on it.

“Trust me”, I inevitably end up saying, “I can spend LOTS of time by myself. This is not related to some inability to be alone.”

Once I’ve tasted better, it’s hard to settle for less. Traveling with loved ones feels that way to me now. With each new experience in Thailand, thoughts of potential memories with friends walking the same streets seeing the same sights poured through my head.

Anyway 😉 Here are some pictures:


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