My eyes have seen

I did the Trial of Ten Falls Loop today. It was so green – it reminded me of Ireland. On days like today, I’m overwhelmed by how much my eyes have seen in such a short lifespan. I feel so absurdly lucky. I kept looking up and around trying to take in every inch of it all no matter how tall the redwoods were.

It reminds me of a poem my grannie wrote that I discovered after she died. In it, she talks about donating parts of her body to science and to others. She expresses how she’s happy to give her eyes away to science after she’s seen so much in her lifespan. I wish I had the exact wording of it with me now. It made me cry when I first read it and changed the way I viewed my body. A tear comes to my eye now as I even look back thinking about her words and reflect on the sights I’ve seen. She was 93 when she died. If I even reach half her age, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand just how much I will have seen by then!

It was hard not to reactivate my instagram and share these today. In the spirit of detoxing and trying to build new habits, I’m sharing here instead. I find it interesting how it feels like I need to write something in order to share 😉 In any case, this is my favorite shot from today and I wanted it to be separated out from the above photos:

It looks grainy because of the tiny drops of mist falling easily off the waterfall. The towering trees peer over the edge looking down at me. The waterfall feels calm even though it was roaring as I snapped this. Without color, the image resonates with me more for some reason.


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