Burnt Lake

I hardly slept last night. I can’t pinpoint why but it was pure anxiety… over a wonderful, relaxing Sunday outdoors. Go figure. I tried listening to podcasts. I tried silence. I tried deep breathing. I tried. I really tried to sleep. When I finally “woke up” or rather it became time for me to eventually make a decision about the day, I nearly opted not to venture out. My computer screen called to my tired spirit.

As I mulled over what to do, I recalled the gist of some wise words I overheard on a hike last week between two fellow hikers:

“Every time I don’t want to leave the house and almost skip, I try to remember these views. It’s always worth it.”

Whew. After a change in plans (note to Future Anne: check trail conditions), I managed to find this Burnt Lake hike. I smirked to myself as I passed hikers in rain gear with hiking poles while I was slipping along in my sambas, shorts, and t-shirt. I loved maneuvering across the creeks, soaking in the sounds, and taking in the views as they slowly were revealed. I shot the photo above as I ate hummus and pretzels with rain drizzling down around me. The rain felt good against my skin and suddenly my tired self didn’t feel so tired anymore.

I covered 10 miles today and each step was a choice I committed to even on a day like today when I didn’t want to move at all.


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