Disagree and commit

A quick, almost drive by note: I’ve noticed when I’m critical of an idea, people think that it means I’m not engaged in making the work a success when it’s precisely the opposite. Being critical is often overlooked as a form of engagement – like an upset user that people just want to dismiss. It baffles me. Engagement is more complex than just positivity. Beyond that, I will be the first to work hard to prove myself wrong. I wholeheartedly embrace disagreeing and committing. After all, I love fighting what can feel like an uphill battle and having at least some idea of what future challenges lie ahead to face head on.

A note for all: silence is my form of disengagement. Never mistake my questions or my critical thoughts as being lumped into that category. On my end, I promise to work as hard as I can to bring solutions any time a problem comes to mind.


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3 responses to “Disagree and commit”

  1. Without people (colleagues) who are critical, the end result is often not fully explored and a dumb-group solution is the result. Well done for stepping forward with your thoughts on this matter.

  2. >Being critical is often overlooked as a form of engagement 

    This is so true. It’s practically engagement by definition. I didn’t think about it like this till now, and yet it makes so much sense!

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