layered celebration

I have been experimenting with not documenting life as much over the last week. As part of this, I deactivated my instagram account and have routinely opted not to snag my “nice” fujifilm camera as I go to leave for the day. The pictures I have taken on my dated iPhone 6 are easy, quick, and typically make me laugh or think. They are purely selfish pictures for an audience of one (me). With distance from documenting, I’m finding that this particular picture I took exactly a week ago has somehow continued to haunt me whispering to share it. I’m not quite sure why — I think I just love the exuberance and layered celebration of the crowd, the bench, and the players themselves. What’s not pictured here is my massive smile and the sound of my “WOOO!” as I snapped this.

UNC Chapel Hill Women’s Soccer team after scoring their first goal against Virginia Tech on October 28th


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