hug a mountain

I’m doing an isolation journal prompt series and welcome you to join! I’m only sharing responses to prompts that feel acceptable enough to share (don’t involve others for example).


Okay, close your eyes. Maybe lie down so you’re cozy? A blanket is nice. Okay. What do you see? At first, it’s dark in there. But if you really look, you will start to see pictures. Maybe it’s a bear with claws, or an ice cream cone, or a memory. Like, cuddling your mom. Maybe it’s words, like LOVE or DANCING. Sometimes it’s just tinkly lights. Whatever you see, write about it. Really explain it until it becomes a story. I like to draw what I see, too. 

Mountains. I am craving mountains like a delicious, European chocolate bar (we all know Europe makes better chocolate). I have visions of driving in my minicooper, speeding around a corner as the light fades, and coming upon a stunning mountain view. I am forced to stop– it’s too captivating not to. I have multiple visions of this corner turning moment because I have multiple memories of doing exactly that in Jackson Hole, Durango, Salt Lake City, Boulder, Thun, etc. I obeyed my instincts and stopped each time.

I run up to a mountain and find a way to hug it. I love hugs. The mountain is happy to see me, “Where did everyone go? Do you still find me beautiful?” How would you hug a mountain? I have no clue. I breathe in the mountain air like one would a lover’s scent. Ahhhhhhhhh. This feels right. I close my eyes and squeeze tighter even though my eyes are already closed and it’s impossible to hug a mountain.

I create my own mountain. It’s a cross between the Swiss alps and Boulder, CO. Sharp, jagged mountain ranges that ease into more sprawling landscapes that are easier to climb. Oh wait! I dash in some of the more forest-y elements of mountains from Oregon and Washington. I add the perfect amount of fog– you know what I’m talking about. The fog that hangs near the mountains to add character but that doesn’t block the view in any way. You see it as you walk along the trials but it doesn’t stop you from pausing, taking it all in, and gazing up at the absolutely gorgeous peaks. Even though there’s some snow, I hardly need a jacket.

God. I’ll never take for granted a mountain again. Scenes flash of me running, walking, sitting, standing near mountains. They are never too big, too small, too anything. I’m always just happy to see them.


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