human wish

I went on a long, arduous 15 mile hike yesterday. As I was heading back, I paused to really take in my surroundings. When I’m fatigued and have a long way back, I’ll sometimes just put my head down and forget to take in the nature I’m trying to escape to. The moment I did, I looked up and saw a small white blob pop through the trees lining a hillside ahead.

“No freaking way”

I scrambled up the hillside quietly and as slowly as I could only to find a parent and baby mountain goat! I kept my distance, rapidly snapped some photos, and paused to just watch them. I suddenly found myself being watched in return though and realized I was likely causing stress to these lovely creatures. I backed away slowly looking back once to catch just another glimpse.

Language barriers drive me nuts — I wish I was fluent in other languages. Interacting with these animals at a distance reminded me of that frustration. I wish I could have sent them well wishes! Reminded them how lovely they are! Tell the parent mountain goat just how precious their little baby was. What a human wish to communicate like this 🙂


2 responses to “human wish”

  1. What an absolutely amazing experience. Thank you for sharing this. (I too, on those mountain hikes i love so much, often put my head down and march on. It’s as though the first part is somehow more important than the whole! Big smile.)

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