Choosing longing

Today I was tidying up apartment in Salt Lake City marveling at this life I have when it struck me both that I’ve felt this way before and that the longing I have for other places never fully goes away no matter how great my current location is. I still think of the sunsets in San Diego, the mountain views in Chamonix, the perfect size of Thun, the cosy feeling of North Carolina, the deep summer heat in Florida making workouts feel all the more rewarding—it never ends and I don’t want it to. This doesn’t even begin to delve into the people embedded into those places and into my life.

I choose the feeling of longing rather than choosing a home. Ultimately, that’s what we each do. We pick a place, call it home, and build our lives around it. I choose the longing and tugging to return to loved places, to explore new ones, and to challenge my heart to invest in people no matter where we physically reside.

Currently, I’m nomading across the world trying to find a place to call home …

This line has been in my “About” page since I created this website. I’m updating it today: Currently, I’m nomading across the world choosing longing and redefining what the idea of “home” means to me.


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4 responses to “Choosing longing”

  1. I’m projecting but I think you are on to something incredibly meaningful. I was born with a hole right in the middle, I am a doughnut person. For a long time my drive was to fill the hole, now I realize that it’s supposed to be there. It’s what drives me. Take care of you.

  2. Over 7 years of living in this house, in this town, and I still can’t stop longing for the places, people and moments left behind. The bitter sweet and of melancholy. Your post brought it rushing back. Thank you. Maybe.

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