Postcard Scribbles: All is Not Lost

Sometimes I write postcards/cards to loved ones and strangers alike that I wish I could share with more people. It’s often a message I need to hear but pass onto someone else. I can’t send a postcard to everyone (if I could, I would) so instead I’m re-sharing here.

This postcard was scribbled on the back of the picture featured in this post.

I nearly didn’t go to the beach the day I took this photo. The clouds felt too dark, the sky too unforgiving, and the day already too long. Still, I went only to be greeted by this stubborn sun undeterred by the clouds and my doubts. I love this sunset because it proceeds with giving all it can even though it doesn’t possess the bright colors we’ve come to demand of “worthy” sunsets. Many didn’t snap photos that day and turned in early while I got to witness a sunset I thought wouldn’t happen. To me, it was a small miracle and a reminder that all is not lost. I pass it onto you.

  • Anne


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