Automattic: 7 Year Anniversary

To say I feel lucky to still work at Automattic is a vast understatement. To stay I miss my co-workers feels the same. In the dim, horrifying, mind numbing, and surreal days of the last year, working at Automattic was a gift. It felt like the library on my college campus that I could retreat to in order to do great work, solve hard problems, and think about difficult things surrounded by lovely people trying to do the same in whatever state we each were in. Some days I nearly crawled in wearing my pajamas from the last few nights with a coffee in tow. Other days, I nearly ran to start working already knowing what it was I wanted to accomplish and excited to see it all come to life. Many days were broken up by long stretches of time outdoors hiking, running, wood carving, taking pictures, playing soccer, etc. Automattic proved to be a space I could show up as I was each day and try to do a tiny bit of good.

Since I joined in 2014, the company has grown by almost exactly 7x (we’re still hiring). That’s 7x the number of folks striving to uphold our creed, working to make the web a better place, finding ways to create belonging and inclusive spaces from miles away, thinking deeply about the responsibility we have to the people on our growing platforms, and more. That’s 7x the number of folks I get to learn from and work with! I only wish I could safely meet more of you who have come onboard and hear your stories in depth rather than from afar.

I started a five year journal in March of this year and realized recently that most entries hardly mention work in the best way possible. Working here has allowed me a real and deep life with friends, hobbies, interests, time for soul searching, etc. I might note something I was proud of shipping that day but most entries are filled with my latest woes or newest adventures (pasta making!). Working at Automattic has enabled me to both do great work and have a great life, with those aspects often intertwined thanks to coworkers becoming friends. It feels so rare to have a job that I love having integrated into my life and that enables me to have a life that far outweighs just what I do at work.

To close, a big thank you to all my coworkers, especially for this last year when interdependence became even more salient. Thank you for reviewing my half written posts when I couldn’t bear to write one more word. Thank you for talking through problems when my brain was fried. Thank you for holding space for me when I burst into tears on a few calls thinking about how much I missed loved ones. I hope I gave to each of you all what you gave to me.


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2 responses to “Automattic: 7 Year Anniversary”

    • Thank you so much! Very kind words. A 5 year journal is basically a very compact journal that has very small entries for everyday for 5 years! It’s pretty wild because you can see everything you wrote for the previous years.

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