puzzle to solve

I ran to a park today jogging the 1.7 miles there slowly but steadily. I jaywalked more than I should have but looked both ways as I did, laughing when I realized a few times I was crossing one way streets. I lost track of the sets of pull-ups I did before heading back the way I came. Two weeks ago, I was playing soccer by myself and doing body weight exercises at a park in Florida. About a week ago, I was busting out a workout in my friend’s home gym, enjoying the feel of heavy weights in my hands.

As I’ve slowly begun exploring different places yet again, I’m returning in the same way to different aspects of myself that I set aside (and missed) during quarantine. It’s made me realize how much I’ve adapted to be more general in my everyday life. It reminds me of some previous thoughts I’ve had around expanding definitions and how much freer life feels when the conditions for everyday life are broad. I can work just about anywhere, figure out a workout I genuinely enjoy in any condition, cook a delicious meal regardless of my supplies, etc. I had entirely forgotten about this aspect of myself in the repetitive days in Salt Lake City where I spent more time trying to find new ways of interacting with the same place. Plus, do you know how many places you can do a pull-up?

It feels like a fun puzzle to solve when I arrive somewhere new – what about this place is unique? What kind of person do I have the chance to become while here? Each place is filled to the brim with new ways of being. For now, I’m a person who wakes up early, walks to a coffee shop, and eats a big, slow breakfast. Me three months ago who stayed up until 1 or 2am each night before waking up in a daze to scarf down food while catching up on pings from work would be impressed.

Too bad this trait doesn’t apply to sleep. While I have slept in loads of beds over the years thanks to my travels, too many circumstances lead to sleepless nights. Something to work towards I guess!


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