all the doors

Turns out, you use your index finger for a lot. A lot more than I ever could have imagined. Brushing teeth, cleaning pots, cutting veggies, opening doors, typing, wood carving, doing your hair, putting on shoes, rubbing your face in pain.

Very early on during a glorious pick up soccer game yesterday, I collided with a guy going in the opposite direction. It was brief and minor but my hand snapped. I felt the pain, decided it wasn’t an extremity that impacted by ability to play, and kept playing for nearly two more hours with a few very painful high fives mixed in. You forget how useful something is until you can’t use it or don’t have it.

This all reminds me of the time I stubbornly refused to buy nail clippers in some delusional minimalistic pursuit. I used scissors and even resorted to nail biting, something I’d never done, before realizing that perhaps nail clippers have a reason for existing in this world. Plus, they cost a whopping $2 max. I probably cut my nails once per week and marvel at them each time.

I can’t wait to use my finger again–I’ll gleefully open all the doors for anyone who passes.


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