I was reminded today how much I love things that force me to attention and how much I seek that out in my hobbies — lifting, woodcarving, soccer, photography, and (now perhaps making a return in my life) biking. To be both at attention and in a flow state feels dreamy. You can’t truly daydream when you’re squatting heavy weights. You’ll miss the perfect shot if you’re elsewhere when the moment arrives before your lens. You can’t afford to look away when a blade is in your hands.

I sometimes feel most like myself on a soccer field. I’m perfectly present with each play.

Unrelated, the world is so much richer layered with other people’s stories. It’s as if the world is more alive when I can look out and know that X person would love to see the view before me and Y person’s favorite spot is around the corner on my walk.

I can’t believe how many I have the chance to hold within my tiny brain.


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  1. The opportunity of being human only happens once. How amazing an experience when we become enmeshed and flowing with our own life, our own sense of being. Great post.

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