I asked someone recently what were some things that made them happy in the last week or so. I have a horrible habit of not turning questions on myself so this is my attempt to do so with a quick list of things that brought a smile or meaning:

  • Spending time with people in their 90s, my grandma’s former peers, and hearing about their lives, from the glorious glasses one woman seeks out to the incredible photographs another took.
  • Being around those same 90+ year old people and feeling a tangible sense that they want to be witnessed. Most seem to resist that and to be around the opposite was so calming and easy.
  • Hitting repeat on a song as much as I want while on a long drive.
  • Mountains surrounding Seattle looking like clouds. It’s made me change how I view a cloud, knowing it might have a mountain hidden within.
  • Sitting with old memories and feeling as if they are just out of arm’s reach.
  • Reading a book that has me underlining nearly every single sentence.
  • Being physically able to play two hours of soccer and loving every second, even in moments of frustration.
  • Seeing new mountains and spending hours just trying to soak them up, sometimes with my eyes closed knowing they are right there.
  • Using my body in so many different ways — Friday in the Cascades on a hike, Saturday on a 15 mile bike ride, and Sunday playing soccer (and scoring five goals).


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