Sometimes I so prioritize being consistent that I forget there’s the option to simply show up when I can, how I can. I’ve had to cancel a myriad of plans in the last week for a few reasons and a wave of rumination hit. In one case, I even texted something to the effect of, “this isn’t like me.” It was after sending that message that I paused to wonder why. It’s okay if consistency is reserved for the things and people I really want to show up for. It’s even more so okay for me to make that known. When did it suddenly feel like it wasn’t? How silly to let something like consistency be so limiting! Plus, for some, my lack of consistency still feels like consistency (another post for another day).


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  1. I also struggle with the concept that it’s OK to take care of myself and not “show up” if my physical and mental health require a break. I’ve started to let go of that, it’s opened up a lot of space and reality. I enjoyed this post!

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